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About Brothers in Arms

Brothers In Arms was founded by 3rd Ranger Battalion veteran Steven Buis, with the intention of contributing firearm knowledge, quality products, and loyalty to consumers of the firearm industry.

Brothers In Arms is licensed to deal and manufacturer firearms and NFA items (07 FFL/SOT) and are certified NRA instructors. Accordingly, Brothers in Arms is able to offer a variety of products and provide firearms training, bringing real-world shooting experience to their students.

Additionally, the Brothers in Arms YouTube channel is a way to connect with the firearm community, and promote of a wide range of firearm topics.

Brothers In Arms is more than your typical firearm business, it is a brotherhood of like-minded individuals that love liberty and the American way.

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Brothers in Arms is available by appointment only.

Phone: (727) 410-0683

1201 Hamlet Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33756